At Least 13 Indonesian McDonalds Locations Forced To Shutter Due To Popularity of BTS Meal

Fans may have a little too much love for the Boy(s) With Luv.
At Least 13 Indonesian McDonalds Locations Forced To Shutter Due To Popularity of BTS Meal

Move over, Beatlemania– it seems yet another boy-band frenzy has not only singlehandedly taken the world by storm, but also wreaked absolute havoc on more than a dozen Indonesian McDonald's locations. Due to the insane popularity of the collaboration between the fast-food chain and K-Pop phenomenon, BTS, at least 13 McDonald's restaurants in Jakarta have been forced to temporarily close as experts fear the hype surrounding the boy-band-backed meal could pose a public health hazard due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

"We temporarily closed four of six McDonald's stores here in Semarang for a couple of days," said Fajar Purwoto, the Indonesian capital's public order agency head of the decision, per BBC News. "I don't want Semarang to be in the Covid-19 red zone again."

Although the meal has been available in several other countries since May, the collab first hit the Indonesian market earlier this week to evidently extreme fanfare. Consisting of a 10-piece chicken McNugget, a medium fry, two South Korean-inspired dipping sauces – sweet chili and cajun – and a medium coke to wash it all down, this seemingly simple meal has not only garnered enough excitement to evidently shutter several McDonald's locations but to launch an ultra-exclusive global resale market. As Australia's ABC News noted, the McDonald's bags and containers bearing the BTS logo are being sold for absurd sums online in some cases, with one particularly “greasy” bag going for a whopping $100 dollars. 

And it's not just the packaging that's worth a pretty penny –  last week, one now very-rich eBay seller auctioned off an Among Us crewmate-shaped McNugget allegedly stemming from the band's fast food collab for a whopping $99,997.00. So folks, as BTSmania takes over the world, do yourself a favor – don't drop nearly $100,000 on a single chicken nugget. Like really, just don't. 

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