Crocs Heels Are Now Apparently A Thing, Thanks to Balenciaga

Crocs Heels Are Now Apparently A Thing, Thanks to Balenciaga

On today's installment of “why the f*$%& does this exist?” Fashion house Balenciaga has taken it upon themselves to create a pair of heels straight from some of our wildest memes – Croc stilettos. First hitting the runway as a part of the designer's Spring 2022 collection showing, entitled “Balenciaga Clones," the newest collab hit the runway alongside another bastardization of the iconic shoe – knee-high crocs. Featuring the brand's logo on the strap and a stiletto attached to the bottom of the shoe, the unique clogs come in green, gray, and black, Hypebeast noted, making the kicks perfect for when you wanna flex, but also catch up on that gardening you've been putting off. Multitasking, folks!

However, this is far from the first time the luxury brand has bastardized – or enhanced, depending on how you view the nuances of the fashion industry – the famously comfortable footwear, dropping a series of other strange crocs, including weirdly high platform clogs. “We were inspired by Crocs and we worked with them on a Balenciaga reinterpretation," said Demna Gvasalia, the brand's creative director and Vetements co-founder told French Vogue of the collaboration in 2017. “Balenciaga x Crocs isn’t impossible, the question of taste is a very subjective value. We’ll see if this works in six months’ time in the stores.” 

Although Gvasalia described Crocs as “the world’s comfiest shoes” during his chat with the French fashion publication, the $850 platforms are far from Balenciaga's only collab with an erm, unconventional footwear brand. The fashion house also paired up with Vibram – a.k.a the company that makes those weird toe sock boots your hippie friend claims is the best for running despite looking absolutely bizarre – to create a collection of aggressively toed high heels. 

So folks, if you're ever wondering how to class up your crocs or weird toe-y running shoes, Balenciaga has got you covered. Fashion. 

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