Harrison Ford Reacts To Magic Trick In The Most 'Harrison Ford' Way Possible


On today's installment of Harrison Ford being Harrison Ford, the beloved Star Wars actor has gone viral yet again for reacting to a magic trick in the most, well, Harrison Ford way possible – telling the magician to promptly eff off. Last week, a 2014 video depicting celebrity illusionist David Blaine, who has performed magic for several celebrities including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Jayden Smith, doing a trick for Harrison Ford back in 2013 has once again found popularity online, fans still enamored with the actor's reaction


The clip starts like most any card trick, with Blaine handing Ford a deck and asking him to imagine one card off the top of his head. “You're thinking of a card?” He asks the star. “Do I know what card you're thinking of?” he continued, Ford shaking his head no. 

However, the illusionist quickly proved the star wrong. “The card just left the deck, just now,” he said, to Ford's apparent confusion. “Look through the deck, your card isn't there." After shockingly parsing through the deck, Blaine then instructed the actor to grab a piece of fruit from an adjacent bowl. Upon selecting an orange, the Indiana Jones player revealed which card he had selected – the nine of hearts. 

When the star cut into the orange, it seems Ford found a very coincidental – and perhaps magical -- surprise waiting for him, a card standing straight up from the citrus. However this was not just any card, but his card, the nine of hearts. “Get the f*** out of my house,” the shocked star said, the juice-soaked card in hand, proving that unlike another character in the Indiana Jones series, he did not choose poorly. 

Like all the best videos on TikTok, the clip found further virality on Twitter, where Clarisse Loughrey, The Independent's chief film critic, shared the video on her page. “Please enjoy Harrison Ford watching a magic trick & then reacting in the only way Harrison Ford reacts to anything,” she captioned the reposted TikTok, which has garnered upwards of 4.4 million views since hitting the site on Wednesday. 

So folks, take it from David Blaine, if you're ever looking to get booted from Han Solo's home, impressive magic tricks are the way to go -- “don't everybody thank me at once.”

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