Gossip Girl's 'Original' Title Sequence Is Something Out of A Trashy, Mid-2000s Fever Dream

... or was it?
Gossip Girl's 'Original' Title Sequence Is Something Out of A Trashy, Mid-2000s Fever Dream

It was the comically tacky Gossip Girl intro we needed -- but apparently not the one we deserved. Earlier this week, @blairhumphry, a fan account for the bygone CW teen drama, took to Twitter with what they claimed was a hidden gem – a video allegedly depicting the show's highly-cursed original introduction. Best described as a Real Housewives fever dream gone terribly, terribly wrong, the absolutely bizarre 34-second clip depicts each character – including an actor that seemingly more resembles Twilight's Ed Cullen than Ed Westwick – twirling on screen, smiling and laughing before a terrible CGI background of what appears to be Manhattan at night. Intercut with some of the series' most cliche club moments and a handful of steamy makeout sessions, the entire affair is scored with a modern, not at all contrived soundtrack -- Fergie's 2007 hit, “Glamorous.”

Garnering more than 1.1 million views and 73,000 likes on Twitter, the video quickly went viral, fans astonished at the intro that could have been, stating the obvious …

… begging HBO to install this as the title sequence in their upcoming reboot of the teen classic … 

… and comparing it to essentially every element of the 2000s pop culture zeitgeist, apparently all in a single tweet. 

Yet to the disappointment of anyone with a strong sense of late 2000s nostalgia, and well, eyes, it seems the clip is much like the other pop culture leaks that find their way onto social media – a hoax. "I'd consider the fact that it says 'Created by Josh Schwartz' and not 'Created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage' to be a strong indication of no," Josh Safran, a writer, and executive producer for the show's original run told E! News

So folks, remember, don't believe everything you see on social media – not all gossip is true, girl. 

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