Pickle-Ranch Pizza Is Apparently A Thing, And It Is Cursed As Hell

Pineapple, you've got some competition.
Pickle-Ranch Pizza Is Apparently A Thing, And It Is Cursed As Hell

On today's installment of experimental chefs continuing to defile the sanctity of pizza, it seems pineapples may have finally met their match in the battle for which pizza-bastardizing topping reigns supreme – none other than the salty, briny, vinegar snap of pickles. Earlier this week, a viral Insider video reemerged depicting Rhino Pizza's strange process behind their “Big Dill” pizza, topping a crust with homemade garlic sauce, mozzarella, and dill pickles and a sprinkling of dill seasoning – and per their recommendation, a squirt or two of ranch dressing.

Despite sounding certifiably terrible, apparently, it's a hit –  “People have been coming from all over – Buffalo, Syracuse, Pennsylvania,” chef at the of the upstate New York-based eatery, Cindy Arena explained when the dish first went viral in 2018, noting its particular popularity among pregnant women. 

Although Insider's aforementioned video first hit the internet a few years back, the outlet reposted the clip on Monday, sparking widespread shock and outrage, with pizza purists largely decrying … 

… condemning …

…and denouncing the sordid pie. 

… with New Jersey's official state Twitter chiming in on the matter, gracefully throwing a dig at New York's famed – albeit second to Chicago's deep-dish/tavern-style pizza offerings – slices.  

So folks, remember – although pineapples (and occasionally apology M&Ms if you're dating a Genovian princess in an early 2000s coming-of-age comedy) definitively belong on pizza, pickles are best left as sandwich accouterment. Dill with it. 

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