Livestream of A Stop Sign No One Actually Stops Is All The Rage On 'Twitch'

Stop at stop signs -- or face getting roasted on Twitch.
Livestream of A Stop Sign No One Actually Stops Is All The Rage On 'Twitch'

Are you sick of watching gamers complete record-breaking Minecraft speed-runs (which may or may not have occurred under highly-suspicious circumstances)? Do you need a break from watching the same Fortnite streamers inevitably win battle after battle? Have even you grown bored of watching yours truly bash her head against the proverbial wall over and over again as she attempts to gain even the slightest ground on her first-ever video game, Cuphead?

Well, folks, a Twitch account has emerged with an exciting new answer to the age-old question of what to watch – a stream once dedicated to a suburban stop sign absolutely no one stops at in Salem, Massachusets. Appropriately named @stopsigncam, the stream was both the diary of a “neglected stop sign,” per its bio and an artistic ode to the rolling stop, presenting its more than 153,000 followers a healthy parade of drivers sheepishly and briefly slowing down (if at all), before speeding by the road warning, apathetic to their blatant disregard for traffic laws.

According to Kotaku, the page has spurred its own language. “Rollers” for those who merely roll by and “zoomers” for those who put their foot on the gas with reckless abandon (who also may or may not be born between the years of 1996 and 2012). Complete with its new language, the page has grown increasingly popular, documenting a series of highly strange events. light-saber battles. backflips. Some guy apparently getting pulled over. You name it (well, seemingly except for a complete, lawful stop), @stopsigncam has captured it all, however, the page's mission may soon be changing.

Earlier this week, the page, which had regularly shared its highly-exciting video content with the world, suddenly went dark. “Well chat, it's been real,” the page's admin wrote before ending the stream. Although several fans were very confused, some of which even looked for another stop sign cam to fill the new octagonal void in their hearts, the reasoning behind the page's swift exit quickly became apparent – fans had begun harassing those living nearby the sign in question. 

“I had a neighbor get a couple pizza deliveries in a row, and she called about it,” the page's admin later DM-ed Kotaku. “She said that she loved the chat and found it funny, but was worried she would get more. I told her that neighbors are more important than a stream and stopped streaming.”

However, this is far from the end for @stopsigncam – “We plan to go on the road, to the worst stop signs in the area, and commence the stream,” the page's admin continued. “We shall see how it goes.”

So folks, remember, if you see a stop sign, no matter how annoying or inconvenient please just stop – after all, the whole world could easily be dunking on your driving skills

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