On today's episode of bargains that are just too good to pass up, an official from Taiwan is begging people to stop changing their name to “salmon” to partake in a chain restaurant's two-day-long promotion for free sushi. 

In a craze that Taiwanese news outlets have dubbed “salmon chaos," approximately 150 people flocked to municipal buildings over the past few days to cash in one of their three governmentally permitted name changes, officially adopting the moniker of “gui yu,” which means “salmon” in Chinese, Cracked's official Mandarin bargain translator confirmed.The short-lived deal, which concluded on Thursday, advertised that customers who have the name “gui yu,” on their ID cards can reel in an “all-you-can-eat sushi meal along with five friends,” according to The Guardian.

Despite this incredible catch (of two days), one Taiwanese official was seemingly ma(d)hi ma(d)hi upon herring about this promotion and expressed concern about how the influx of name changes may impact the government's bureaucratic processes. "This kind of name change not only wastes time but causes unnecessary paperwork,” Chen Tsung-yen, Taiwain's deputy interior minister explained, adding that he hoped everyone lured in by this deal “can be more rational about it,” advising citizens to “cherish administrative resources.” 

Likely to Chen's dismay, it seems several sushi-loving bargain hunters overlooked the official's words of wisdom. “I just changed my name this morning to add the characters ‘Bao Cheng Gui Yu’ and we already ate more than Tw$7,000 (£176),'" one student, whose new name roughly equates to “Explosive Good Looking Salmon,” explained to a local news station. Yet they are far from abalone as others too, got in on the trend, with people named “Salmon Fried Rice," “Salmon Prince”,  and ”Meteor Salmon King"  all reportedly taking advantage of the deal, according to nearby media outlets, The Guardian noted. 

Yet to many, these names, much like a fresh filet, won't last forever, expressing their intent to toss their newly-minted monikers back into the sea. “I've changed my first name to salmon and two of my friends also did,” one woman told another local TV program. ”We’ll just change our names back afterward."

Free sushi — it's that good. 

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