McDonald's To Serve Spam and Oreo Burger in China

Mmmmm, gelatinous canned meat and chocolate cookies ....
McDonald's To Serve Spam and Oreo Burger in China

Have you ever found yourself craving something more from your Big Mac? Wishing, as you sink your teeth through the two layers of buns, lettuce, cheese, onions, and patties, that your burger catered to a more discerned palate, managing to strike a perfect balance between savory, gelatinous canned meat and the sugary sweetness of chocolatey Oreo cookies?

Well, today just may be your lucky day. Earlier this week, McDonald's China unveiled their latest burger, an "original creation" consisting of Spam and chocolate cream cookies, raising eyebrows and sparking the curiosity of fast-food fans around the globe. A special edition item, the burger, which features "biscuit crumbles," resting atop a bed of "luncheon meat," is only available on December 21, with a "worldwide" limit of "400,000 units," implying the company expects it to sell like hotcakes -- er, well meaty Oreos. As Kotaku pointed out, it should be noted that although the item features official Spam branding, there appears to be no trademark for any of Oreo's three parent companies, Cadbury, Nabisco, or Mondelez International, implying the chocolate fragments may, in fact, be knockoff sandwich cookies. I guess they just weren't ready to rebrand as "Spam's favorite cookie." 

I'm ... confused. 

While this may sound certifiably questionable, the global chain offers reassurance to reluctant customers, describing the sandwich as "amazing", "accidentally delicious," composed of "quality ingredients" in its marketing materials, according to Cracked's official Mandarin McDonald's advertisement translator (a.k.a my definitely not made up Chinese-Canadian boyfriend). It seems these praises attempt to explain the burger's origin and defending its taste, however, this clarification is anything but, arguably posing the larger existential question of how, exactly, one manages to unintentionally combine chocolate cookies with lunchmeat. Was it a dare? A child's prank on their McDonald's executive parent? A bad case of the munchies on a corporate bonding retreat to Amsterdam? The world may never know. 

The sandwich first gained international attention earlier this week, after appearing on r/shittyfoodporn, but went absolutely viral on Friday, when Niko Partner's Daniel Ahmad first posted about the chain's latest chocolate-y, spam-my edition on Twitter. 

First TikTok's rinsed beef, then cannibal sandwiches, and now this? When will the bastardization of meat for internet clout ever end?!?!

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