Local Drag Queen Fabulously Stops Neighborhood Traffic Issue

Local Drag Queen Fabulously Stops Neighborhood Traffic Issue

On today's episode of drag queens consistently blessing out social feeds with wholesome content, a Florida performer by the name of Spar-Kelly (get it? Sparkly?) recently took matters into her own hands after noticing parents from a local high school were creating a neighborhood road hazard around pickup time, using her looks to stop traffic -- literally. "They are blocking inside the cul-de-sac, they are coming in, parking around the whole loop, basically creating a whole new pick-up site and blocking people’s driveways, mailboxes, etcetera," the performer told local Jacksonville publication, News4 Jax

Sick of this daily annoyance, Kelly took it upon herself to deter parents from obstructing her street, grabbing a green leotard, black heels, and a homemade sign that read "this is not a student pickup, honey," ready to read traffic offenders to absolute filth. 

"I made my sign and got dressed up and people notice" she explained of her three-day stint as a vigilante traffic coordinator. Part of this success, she says was a result of her fearless sass. "If what it takes is just me standing here and telling people to move along, I’ll be a diva and I’ll tell someone to move right along," she explained to the news outlet. 

However, it seems these unconventional means may have actually had a lasting impact. On Wednesday, Spar-Kelly took to Twitter to share an update about her guerrilla traffic taming techniques. "Omg!!! We got attention! " she wrote. "And we are possibly getting the parking situation fixed!! I am so happy to help this community gain their streets back!"

So folks, remember, if you want something done, do the damn thing yourself -- and for the best results, do it while rocking a bold wig, thigh-high boots, and a chic neon bodysuit.

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