Ex VP Mike Pence is Reportedly 'Couch Surfing' Through Indiana After Getting Booted From Office

Mike Pence -- couch surfin' USA!
Ex VP Mike Pence is Reportedly 'Couch Surfing' Through Indiana After Getting Booted From Office

As Donald Trump enjoys his post-White House life in his Twitter-less Floridian Mar a Lago estate, former Vice President Mike Pence's whereabouts after vacating One Observatory Circle last week are a bit more unclear, sparking questions of whether America's ex second in command is just couch surfing his way through Indiana. Millionaire government higher-ups -- they're just like your annoying crust-punk acquaintance, down to the fly in his questionable-looking hair. 

During his farewell address last week, Pence said that he and his wife, who is very appropriately named Karen, would be "moving back to Indiana come this summer" leaving out any specific details of their future abode. "There's no place like home," he said later in the address. Despite ex the VP's nostalgic and #relatable Wizard of Oz reference, records show that the Pences haven't actually owned property in approximately eight years, as before living in Washington D.C.'s U.S. Naval Observatory during his four-year term as VP, the Pences lived in Indiana's Governor's Residence, near downtown Indianapolis

Lacking permanent quarters, politicians close with the former second couple say they've been couch surfing, reportedly staying at the "dolled-up" retreat cabin of current Indiana governor Eric Joseph Holcomb, whatever tf that means, and living a home that allegedly belongs to Pence's brother in his hometown of Columbus, according to Business Insider. You'd think with all this new time on his hands not being VP and his reported $1 million net worth, Pence would have more than enough resources to find himself a nice house instead of pestering his inner circle. But hey, I guess we all need that annoying friend who only ever hits you up when they're visiting from out of town and don't want to pay for a hotel. Keepin' it classy, Pence! 

Yet as The Root pointed out, it seems that in finding a place to stay, Pence should absolutely not reach out to his real-estate mogul former boss, Donald Trump. Despite owning several apartments and mansions, the two have apparently been on pretty sour terms since the Capitol attack on January 6, after the then President riled up a crowd of right-wing insurgents, some of whom were very vocal about their desire to "hang Mike Pence." Believe it or not, inciting deadly riots targeting your former allies can definitely do a number on your personal relationships. To quote the old internet adage that has been incredibly useful in describing the events of the past three weeks, "Damn, that sucks. Hey Alexa, play "That's What You Get" by Paramore. 

So Pence, good luck couch surfin' USA! You're gonna need it -- futons aren't all that comfortable, trust me. 

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