Dakota Johnson Lied To The Entire Internet About Her Viral Zest For Limes

Dakota Johnson, we can (vitamin) C right through you.
Dakota Johnson Lied To The Entire Internet About Her Viral Zest For Limes

Well folks, it seems the limes have been blurred surrounding Dakota Johnson's viral obsession with the fruit, as depicted in her March 2020 Architectural Digest home tour. On Tuesday, the 50 Shades of Gray star appeared on The Tonight Show where she made a series of disturbing revelations to host Jimmy Fallon about her alleged love for the citrus she seemed to keep abundantly stocked in the green kitchen of her Hollywood abode. 

"I love limes," the actress said, hovering her hand above a bowl overflowing with the fruit, in her house tour video which has since garnered more than 15 million views over the past almost year. "I love them, they're so great, I love them so much and I like to present them like this in my house." ... or did she?

Nearly a year after the video was posted, it appears the star's apparent zest for limes may not be as it seems on screen. On Tuesday, Johnson appeared on Jimmy Fallon's late night talk show to promote her upcoming film Our Friend. Yet instead of asking her about the movie, her experience on set, or for the juicy details of what it was like stealing vaginal jade egg peddling Gwyneth Paltrow's man, Fallon posed the question still on everybody's mind -- "Now, what do you do with all those limes?" 

While many of us, myself included, were perhaps expecting to hear her secret recipie for the perfect summer glass of lime-aid or a sweet anecdote about her penchant for fresh, bright guacaome in response to Fallon's quandry, Johnson did the unexpected, putting an end to all the lies. 

"I actually didn't even know that they were in there," she told the talk show host of her edible kitchen decor. "I was giving the tour and went into the kitchen and it was set dressing." While upon first glance, hiring a set dresser may seem within the ordinary boundaries of a celebrity touring an architectural magainze through her home, things suddenly took a more sinister turn. "I'm actually -- I'm allergic. Yeah, I'm mildly allergic," she told Fallon of her sour relationship with the tart fruit, which she says makes her tongue itch. It seems Johnson can truly  citrus-t no one, not even her set dresser, to ensure her home is free of delicious, tangy allergens. Amid these shocking revelations, fans flocked to social media, dubbing the confession one of 2021's most unexpected events ...

... using the incident to poke fun at Johnson's infamous 2019 Ellen interview, where she accused the daytime talk show host of lying ...

... as some even named the actress the queen of chaos. 

Wear your crown with pride, your majesty. Moral of the story? limey lies are never apeeling. We can (vitamin) C right through you. 

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