Jon Ossoff Leads Georgia Runoff Race, Could Be America's First Anime Fan Senator

Jon Ossoff Leads Georgia Runoff Race, Could Be America's First Anime Fan Senator

Over the past four years, our nation has seen several historic firsts in terms of political representation. From Kamala Harris making history as the first woman, as well as the first Black woman, Indian-American woman and ex-girlfriend of Montel Williams to serve as our Vice President, to Mayor Pete Buttigieg's status as the first openly gay (and seriously NUMTOT irking) Presidential cabinet nominee, our political leaders have come to further represent the rich diversity of the nation they proudly serve. Yet it seems 2021 may bring another groundbreaking nomination in American politics -- the first Anime fan acting in the United States senate. 

Before Democrat Jon Ossoff led Georgia's run-off Senate race (a mere 0.38% as of writing, according to the New York Times), he went where no Senator had publicly gone before -- sharing his penchant for anime on Twitter. The year was 2013, and the world was reveling in the afterglow of 2012's highly regarded Les Miserables remake. Yet as the world embraced their newfound love with the musical, producing awkward Aaron Tveit thirst traps and an iconic Vine detailing Anne Hathaway's choosy gum preferences ...

...the former documentary film producer was enjoying yet another iteration of the Victor Hugo novel, the famed 2007 anime series, Les Miserables: Shojo Cosette. Exactly 2,784 days ago, Ossoff took to the social network platform to share a truly remarkable work in anime fan-art history. Simply captioned "Anime Les Mis," the ex-reporter shared a fan-edited video, aligning footage from the series to the musical's iconic first act closer, "One Day More," as performed by Les Miserables International Cast.

Complete with forlorn lovers, a marching band, and of course, a crowd of angry men, the video is seriously convincing and thoroughly entertaining -- even more so in today's political context, with fans laughing their "Ossoff" at the potential senator's nearly eight-year-old post. Since the Tweet first went viral, fans flocked to the social media platform, to ask for his hot takes on Neon Genesis Evangelion ...

... question his team's campaign strategy ...


... with a user claiming to be the video's editor taking credit for assisting our nation's democracy. 

Because nothing says freedom like some damn good anime edits, am I right? So anime lovers, if you ever run for office, don't scrape your love of the art form from your socials -- wear your fandom loud and proud. It is 2021, after all. 

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