Teen Transit-Enthusiasts Roast Pete Buttigieg's Role As Transportation Secretary

Teen Transit-Enthusiasts Roast Pete Buttigieg's Role As Transportation Secretary

Ahh, Pete Buttigieg. One-time 2020 presidential frontrunner, winner of the Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina Democratic primaries, notable Hufflepuff, and now, a wannabe trainspotter? On Tuesday,  Joe Biden announced that he would choo-choose former South Bend, Indiana mayor as his cabinet's Secretary of Transportation, leading an agency that "services a critical mission with a critical responsibilities," in what some LGBTQAI+ advocacy groups are lauding as a historic nomination. 

"Travel in my mind is synonymous with growth, with adventure -- even love," Buttigieg said. "So much so that I proposed to my husband Chasten in an airport terminal. Don't let anybody tell you that O'Hare isn't romantic."

You learn new kinks every day, folks! Anyways, with big ideas and an even bigger lack of experience in the public transit sector, Buttigieg's nomination has proven highly polarizing, with some criticizing his mayoral experience in a town of 100,000 without major public transit infrastructure. Soon after, many enthusiasts took to Twitter to express their frustration and confusion with his relevant experience, comparing his transit-related accolades to every kid's favorite childhood play carpet ...

... mentioning his legal ability to drive a car ...

... and even referencing childhood literary icon, Junie B. Jones in what may be the most savage burn of all time. 

One particularly angry group among Mayor Pete's haters? Members of the Famed Facebook group, New Urbanist Memes For Transit-Oriented Teens (a.k.a NUMTOTS). Since Buttigieg's nomination, those in the iconic Bernie Sanders-Supporting Facebook page of more than 212,000 members have lit social media ablaze with posts noting his likeness to Thomas the Tank Engine ...

... discussing condolences of his nomination ...

... and even moving to make these roasts a true NUMTOT past time. 

However, it's not all digs and memes. Other Urbanists (yet another kink we learned of today) have taken the contrary position, arguing that Buttigieg would be a welcome addition to our nation's Department of Transportation, citing his mayoral accomplishments, including making South Bend one of the nation's most bike-friendly cities, and founding of Smart Streets, which aimed to convert one-way streets into two way traffic in an effort to help pedestrians. 

"Buttigieg, in this role, principally needs to be a true advocate for the people that this country's transportation department has long neglected, starting by surrounding himself with train commuters, bike messengers, and bus riders," wrote Curbed's Alissa Walker. "Maybe Secretary-in-waiting Pete, who has proven to be a solid -- and sometimes disarmingly aggressive -- surrogate for Biden on the campaign trail, can deliver the transportation vision of Amtrak Joe."

So folks, there you have it. While some may appreciate America's non-Giuliani mayor, The kids, er, transit-oriented teens are not alright  -- with Pete Buttigieg running this nation's public transport. But hey, although he may not have the youth's stamp of approval just yet, he may still get there someday. Hopefully by subway, bus, or ferry. 

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