Montel Williams Dated VP Elect, Kamala Harris, Could Have Been Second Gentleman

Talk about the one that got away ...
Montel Williams Dated VP Elect, Kamala Harris, Could Have Been Second Gentleman

Reader, what if I told you that somewhere, in an alternate timeline, Donald Trump was not the only unscripted TV celebrity to grace the halls of the White House in the 2020s, that in some parallel dimension, the first gentleman of the United States was a '90s tabloid talk show icon, once beloved by many?

On today's episodes of odd celebrity relationships, the internet has fallen into a frenzy after remembering that Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris, once dated 90's daytime television staple, Montel Williams. 

"The Fact that Kamala Dated Montel and it seems like no one remembers lol," user @_REALbossbabe wrote last night, including a photo of the pair at a 2001 red carpet event in Los Angeles


With the original post garnering more than 54,600 likes, the duo went absolutely viral, trending on Twitter. 

"So we could’ve had the homie Montel as 2nd Gentleman?" mused @newjvbell270.


"Had to pause for a min and think "Williams or Jordan?" but then realized it didnt matter because it would've been hilarious to have either Montel as a 2nd Gentleman," posted @roywoodjr.

Others took to the app to roast younger users for confusing Williams with Montell Jordan, the artist behind "This is How We Do It." "Battle of the Montel(l)s Choose your fighter," wrote Literally Media's @colbydroscher.


"I do not care how young you are, you should know the difference between Montell Jordan and Montel Williams, shit, y'all know everything else lmao," added @english_shamar.


Yet this is not the first time Harris and Williams' relationship has re-entered the spotlight. "Y'all are late AF," pointed out user @notcapnamerica "We already done discussed this a year and a half ago, and Kamala talked about it in her book. Montel even issued a statement about it."

And  @notcapnamerica is right. In August 2019, amid Harris' presidential campaign, Williams addressed his past relationship on Twitter, making a fascinating point about gender in celebrity dating news. "@KamalaHarris and I briefly dated about 20 years ago when we were both single. So what? I have great respect for Sen. Harris. I have to wonder if the same stories about her dating history would have been written if she were a male candidate?" he mused in what is probably the most glowing celebrity ex tweet to ever exist.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be daydreaming of the world with a Montel reboot, filmed in front of a live studio audience from Number One Observatory Circle. 

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