'Harry Potter' Fans Invented a Motorized Broomstick

Make your money and dignity magically disappear.
'Harry Potter' Fans Invented a Motorized Broomstick

There are lots of ways for people to engage with their Harry Potter fandom beyond simply reading the books; there's watching the movies, attending the theme parks, and of course, actively ignoring every public statement J.K. Rowling has made in the 21st century. But if you actually want to live your life as though you exist inside the fictional (and terrifying) Potterverse, well, now you're one step closer.

As we all know, folks in the wizarding world don't simply drive cars; they either teleport using random garbage (and sometimes Jell-O mix-like magic powder) or fly around on broomsticks. Of course, there's no actual way to do this; even real-life Quidditch leagues just have their players run around the field with an ordinary Home Depot-bought broom awkwardly sandwiched between their thighs.

For all those who truly desire to have a household cleaning aid as their primary method of transportation, two Brazilian Potter fans have developed a motorized broomstick. This scooter-like vehicle responds to your movements like in the book. It can get up to 37 miles per hour, presumably while Crucio-ing the crap out of your groin region.

While it's not for sale yet, it's estimated price tag is a whopping $740. Which is kind of a lot to spend on the world's least practical motor vehicle. Plus, if you're a huge Harry Potter fan with money to burn, according to our cursory research, you could get an actual real live owl for just a few grand. Although they probably wouldn't deliver your mail and just shit all over the place, so maybe just invest your money in stocks, or whatever it is people do. 

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