5 Advanced Movie Sci-Fi Technologies That (Secretly) Suck

5 Advanced Movie Sci-Fi Technologies That (Secretly) Suck

Have you ever wondered whether STAR WARS lasers were better than normal guns? Maybe pondered if MINORITY REPORT cops should consider making a back-up of those wooden balls? Thought it strange that computer hacking is so... interactive in JOHNNY MNEMONIC and TRON? Well, obviously "Doctor" Jordan Breeding has, and he's about to diagnose the heck out of advanced sci-fi movie technologies that are worse than what we have now.

Inspired by the article 6 Sci-Fi Movie Technologies That Went Stupidly Backwards

Writer: Jordan Breeding
Director of Photography: Caleb Gritsko
Editing: Andy Sowar, Jordan Breeding, Caleb Gritsko

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