Correction: Brown Stuff Leaking Down Rudy Giuliani's Face Likely Not Hair Dye, Experts Say

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It was the drip seen 'round the world. During a surreal, falsehood-laden press conference with President Trump's lawyers on Thursday, a notably moist Rudy Guiliani suffered an embarrassing stye mishap, with what appeared to be sweaty streams of hair dye running down his face, leading to countless headlines ...

... memes ...

... memes ...

... and more memes ...

... and two separate twitter accounts, @RudyGHairDye and @giuliani_dye dedicated to commemorating the mishap. 

There is one tiny problem amid this frenzy -- according to some hairstylists, that brown mystery goo running down the Borat 2 star's temples and forehead is likely not hair dye. 

"Hair dye doesn't drip like that, unless it's just been applied," due to a chemical reaction of dye and peroxide during the coloring process causing the  pigment to stick to the hair, David Kholdorov, who works at a Manhattan barbershop told The New York Times. He says it also seems unlikely that the unknown liquid oozing down Giuliani's face was fresh dye, as leaving coloring chemicals on the hair can cause burns and irritation.

Yet as pretty much any girl who was a teen in the 90's can tell you, there are ways to temporarily color your hair with our busting out the heavy compounds -- hair mascara. According to Mirko Vergani, creative color director at a Manhattan salon, this type of product likely caused the snafu, speculating that 76-year-old Giuliani attempted to make his sideburns, which generally tend to carry more gray hairs, match the rest of his locks.

"In the picture, it looks really heavy," he said, referencing the now iconic images of the former New York City mayor. "I'm sure they put too much product and that's why it started to bleed."

Yet not everyone agrees. "If it's not washed out properly, that's what's going to happen," colorist Gene Sarcinello explained. "Not knowing exactly what he has on his hair, it's hair-color related definitely. In some of the pictures I'm seeing, it looks glossy, which looks like a product in his hair."

Although the world may never know for certain what was streaming down Giuliani's face on Thursday, Vergani says the hair raising, er, running, incident is a teachable moment for those with colored strands to make sure their products are totally dry and to steer clear of warm temps lest they face the fate of everyone's favorite unofficial lawncare company spokesperson.

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