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We know you come here to laugh and be merry, but sometimes, your parents give us a call and pressure us to encourage you to try to reach your potential. It's awkward, but they gave us a really nice ham last Christmas, so we feel like we owe them something. We think you're great and don't need to change at all, but if you want to get on the path to making more money so you can help your parents retire to Naples (they want to retire to Naples, in case they didn't tell you), The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle is a step in one potential direction.

Data analytics is one the most valuable skills in the modern workplace, and this five-course bundle offers 12 hours of training in Google Analytics, one of today's leading web analytics platforms. You'll get a beginner-friendly introduction to tracking and analyzing webpage and website analytics, understanding how people progress through and interact with websites. If people constantly get tricked by that random opt-in popup, you'll know about it! You'll also learn how to deduce your findings into marketing actions to improve your site and make your money, for you or whatever company you sell out to once you develop these new tricks. And then your parents. And then the Neapolitan tourism industry.

Learn some modern skills that will get you paid so your parents can stop worrying. They're sweet. Man, that ham was good. Anyway, The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle is just $34 today.

The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle

MSRP: $995

Sale Price: $34 (96% off)

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