And Now, A Young Keanu Reeves At A Teddy Bear Convention Because Sure

And Now, A Young Keanu Reeves At A Teddy Bear Convention Because Sure

You probably thought that Canada's sweetheart, Keanu Reeves, notable philanthropist, and alleged VERY nice guy probably couldn't get more wholesome. Well, today, dear Cracked readers, I am here to prove you entirely wrong.  In honor of National Teddy Bear Day last week, Canadian broadcasting station, CBC, shared some unBEARably cute footage of a young Keanu covering the first-ever Canadian International Teddy Bear Convention, around 1984. 

Throughout the clip, Keanu, who was a correspondent for the network's Going Great children's TV series, flexes his impressive investigative journalism skills, asking hard-hitting questions like "Why are all the bear's first names Teddy?" and inquiring about the stuffed animal's educational history (for reference, he is a Paws Preparatory alumnus).

The young actor, who was around 20 years old in the video, even took a moment to speak with one of the event's guests of honor --- a sunglasses-clad teddy bear. "I've been looking all over for you," the young actor said, matching his interviewee in a pair of white sunnies. "We gotta go down to the bears-only cafe and talk 'bears-ness.' Listen, you know that bears necessity contest? We've got problems. So listen, we'll go down. We'll talk business, and hey, everything will be okay. I love this guy," Keanu added before kissing the teddy on his ear, his sweet, existential reassurance sparking envy in nearly every viewer in 2020.

Yet not all of his teddy interactions were as sugary sweet --- one was almost GRISLY. Towards the end of the video, the future Bill and Ted actor is nearly mauled in a hug by a large fluffy Teddy. "You're not a bear!" He yelled out, contributing to the PANDAmonium, before falling to the ground. 

Considering the course of this year, I'll take any drop of wholesome content I can find. For more ridiculous early roles, here's Vin Diesel barking to no one in particular about Street Sharks and Matthew Dillon mumbling his way through a documentary on roller coasters.

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