Bella Thorne's OnlyFans Might Be The Future Of The Internet

Imagine a world in which every celebrity had an OnlyFans.
Bella Thorne's OnlyFans Might Be The Future Of The Internet

A few days ago, it was reported that actress Bella Thorne started an OnlyFans and, within 24 hours, racked about so many subscriptions that she made over 1 million dollars. It was the largest ever first-day haul on the platform, and now, having been there for over a week, the former Disney Channel star has more than enough money to pay off any child-stardom related therapy bills for the rest of her life and then some. 

Before Thorne, OnlyFans was primarily known as a platform for sex workers, social media celebrities, and other content creators who may not have the name recognition of a major Hollywood celebrity, but still, the fan base to get paid. Granted, Thorne isn't the only mainstream celebrity to build a following on OnlyFans. Cardi B, Jason Derulo, Blac Chyna, and many others are hanging out there too, presumably spilling the type of tea that only $20 a month could get you. But it's Thorne's massive success that has us thinking: Is this the future of celebrity interaction?

Think about it. Hollywood is currently facing what could be a 40% decline in revenues for 2020. Even big stars are sitting home on the sidelines, paying actors guild dues without having any work to show for it. If you're a restless celebrity hoping to feed your bank account, or more likely, you're sweltering engorged ego, then the best place to turn might be OnlyFans.

I'm not saying this means Brad Pitt will do a striptease for a litany of horny wine aunts any time soon (Although it's possible.) What I am saying is if Brad Pitt wants to make a quick million, he could start an OnlyFans and answer fan questions, tell stories, or just be a goof (or, yeah, do a striptease). And he could do it free of a media filter or studio influence or anything else. You could be getting the raw Brad Pitt experience, and there are plenty of fans who crave this type of interpersonal connection sexually or otherwise. Who needs Access Hollywood when you can get shit straight from the source.

It's just a thought. Maybe celebs are too tired or too set in their ways to start a hustle like OnlyFans on their own. But I guarantee, after one look to Bella Thorne's success, there's at least plenty of celebs thinking about it.

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