What The Falkor Is This Music Video?

If you thought tobacco the product was out to ruin childhoods, just wait until you hear TOBACCO the musician.
What The Falkor Is This Music Video?

In the pantheon of the beloved, furry, costumed characters from our childhoods, Falkor has to rank up there with Chewbacca, Barney the Dinosaur, and the mysterious stranger in a furry suit who gave us candy and then spent the rest of the evening upstairs moving the furniture with our mom. Yes, we all remember Falkor fondly, but that impression of the mythical dragon from Neverending Story will forever change after you watch this music video from TOBACCO featuring Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

We wouldn't call this an ear-worm so much as we would an ear parasite that lays explosive eggs inside your skull. It's disturbing, but it's made even more haunting because Falkor was dragged into it. Here he takes the role of a stalker who breaks into your home, presumably to carry you off to the magical land of "unmarked white van."

It's unclear why TOBACCO (Tom Fec) chose to go in this direction other than to be shocking, and, fair enough. The song is titled "Babysitter" and in many ways, Falkor is the babysitter of our childhoods, albeit he seems a lot more deranged and gruesome than we remember. Maybe this speaks to Fec's youth, or maybe we're missing the point entirely. Said Fec, "This was new for me, but I wanted to write a song that was everything I am and have been, and then like one notch further. Trent was the notch further."

It's hard to imagine what another notch up would be. Maybe the Teletubbies curb-stomping a drug dealer? Elmo blowing up the Hindenburg? You know what? These don't seem so bad for a music video after all. Call us, Fec. We've got ideas.

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Top Image: Warner Bros., TOBACCO

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