In 'Terminator 2,' The T-1000 Was An LAPD Cop For A Reason

To think that this is James Cameron's most relevant film after all of these years.
In 'Terminator 2,' The T-1000 Was An LAPD Cop For A Reason

Here's something the movie buffs that frequent our site will probably already know, but that myself, and many others, that were too young or too busy breastfeeding (We realize that those things can be mutually exclusive.) to realize when Terminator 2 came out: T2 is more than just a large Austrian cyborg learning why humans cry.

Yes, it turns out that James Cameron didn't decide to make the T-1000 an LAPD cop just because he had an extra outfit lying in wardrobe. Cameron was making a statement about the nature of humanity, arguing that cops desensitize themselves to do their jobs, ultimately becoming heartless killing machines. Again, in retrospect, it seems obvious, but it's an observation that completely slipped past me. Heck, the Rodney King riots were happening while this movie was being filmed, so if anything you could dock Cameron for not being subtle enough. It also sheds more light on this little tidbit:

The Rev-9 in Terminator: Dark Fate is a border patrol agent. It seems eons ago, but immigration enforcement was a major issue back then in the distant year of 2019. It's still a major issue, but it is overshadowed by the infectious disease that's now killed 106,550 Americans and the literal war happening right now between cops and citizens. Perhaps if a Terminator movie were made today our T-69420 or whatever it would be called would take the form of a Minneapolis police officer or it would take the form of airborne illness or a spray-tanned man with a whispy blonde wig and a baggy suit.

Sadly, we joke because the truly alarming thing is that we wouldn't need to make a different movie. Somehow we're still facing the same problems we faced in 1991. So tonight, maybe pop in your VHS copy of Terminator 2: Judgement Day and give it a whirl because suddenly this murder-robot sequel has become James Cameron's most relevant film.

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Top image: Terminator 2: Judgement Day/TriStar Pictures


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