Idiots Are Risking It All Right Now For Cigarettes

Tobacco is getting people to do some pretty stupid things right now.
Idiots Are Risking It All Right Now For Cigarettes

Cabin fever is doing a number on us, and a lot of people are passing the time by having an extra drink or smoke. And we get it, if you're feeling on edge because of these brand-new stresses, you might want something to take the edge off. But this is getting a little extreme, and based on a few recent news stories, it might be time to reconsider how far you're willing to go for a cigarette.

There has been an increase in corner shops, bodegas, and drugstores getting broken into as much of the world isolates. The problem is that police and other authorities are busy with other, more pressing things at the moment, and many cities are tightening up their belts and only going after violent cases. When that happens, nobody's getting caught. One exception is in Clackamas County, Oregon, where a guy broke into a RiteAid and apparently only stole cigarettes. Note, this wasn't a one-time thing; he did it twice. To the same store.

On the other side of the world, cigarette smoking ended up being what got a mafia boss nabbed. The Italian police had been tracking Cesare Cordi since August and thought they had him in an empty safehouse. Things had kind of slowed down, but apparently in a good way because a nationwide lockdown during a pandemic is a hell of a wrench to throw into an investigation and manhunt. What actually tipped them off? The glow of a lit cigarette through a window.

Even stupider is the recent story of a man from France who broke his quarantine to buy cigarettes. Thinking it'd somehow be easier to buy them in Spain, of all places, he first started on his little journey by car, but was turned away at a checkpoint. He then had the brilliant idea to start hiking a path through the Pyrenees mountains. It didn't take long at all before he fell into a stream (reminder: it's still basically pretty cold in the mountains, not a great place to be wet), and had to phone rescuers to airlift him out.

Smoking's not great for you under the best of circumstances, but a global pandemic, centered around a respiratory disease, is as good a time as any to start hitting up the nicotine gum instead.

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