The Return Of Pint-Sized 'Jurassic Park' Tim?

No word on if Sam Jackson's disembodied arm will make a cameo... yet.
The Return Of Pint-Sized 'Jurassic Park' Tim?

The upcoming Jurassic World 3: Nedry's Revenge just keeps adding original Jurassic Park cast members to its payroll. After all the rumors surfaced that the original trio of Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian "Chesty" Malcolm might be returning, it seems as though that's actually going to happen. Recent Oscar-winner Laura Dern is reportedly excited to return to the role of Ellie, and Sam Neill Tweeted out a photo of him as Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park III, claiming that he'll be "back soon".

Sam Neill @TwoPaddocks Tough day at the office .2000. #JP3 Back soon with @prattprattpratt @BryceDHoward @LauraDern #JeffGoldblum Note to self- this t

And presumably, Jeff Goldblum will be back as long as producers promise him some free sunglasses and unnecessary jazz piano scenes. But we just learned of yet another possible franchise return; Joseph Mazello who played the pint-sized Tim in the 1993 original issued a "cryptic tweet" seemingly announcing that he too would be headed back to the franchise.

Joe Mazzello @Mazzellooe I think it's time to get back TO work. What do you say gang? 2:28 PM Feb 23, 2020 Twitter for iPhone 681 Retweets 7.9K Likes

Of course, he doesn't name Jurassic World 3 specifically, so for all we know he's talking about a shift at Home Depot or a gritty reboot of Star Kid. And while we can't help but be excited to find out what Tim Murphy is up to today (presumably still in therapy from all the trauma his grandfather carelessly subjected him to) we're just a tad skeptical.

As we mentioned before, Ian Malcolm's role in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was the subject of much hype, and ended up being a disappointing cameo in which he spent 100% of his screen time sitting at a table ranting about "political megalomania." An even more baffling character return was B.D. Wong's Dr. Henry Wu. In the original movie, he was just a polite scientist doing his job. In the Jurassic World series, they turned into a straight-up comic-book villain for some reason.

So while we're all for seeing these iconic characters return, we hope it will be in a substantive capacity not just a brief shot of the old gang sharing margaritas with Jimmy Buffet before a pterodactyl dive bombs thems.

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