A Third Kevin Spacey Accuser Died, Which Seems Like A Lot

Hmm indeed.
A Third Kevin Spacey Accuser Died, Which Seems Like A Lot

15 people accused Kevin Spacey doing a whole bunch of terrible sexual stuff and three of those accusers have died in the past year. That's either a really astounding coincidence or it implies something that if I write plainly could get Cracked sued and get me chained in a murder dungeon that, after some minor refurbishing work, has been converted to a plain torture dungeon.

Author Ari Behn is the most recent Spacey accuser to suddenly die, this time by suicide. The first, Linda Culkin, was hit by a car. The second was an unnamed massage therapist whose cause of death was never made public. Now, none of this proves anything at all ... but it sure is weird that all these people keep dying! Life must be a little strange for those other 12 accusers right now, huh? Especially since Kevin Spacey keeps releasing bizarre unsettling videos where he slips back into his House Of Cards character Frank Underwood to deliver messages that can either be interpreted as vaguely or extremely intimidating.

In his new video, which was released only days before Behn's death, he says "The next time someone does something you don't like, you can go on the attack." Which is a very weirdly specific thing to say ... This thought started off wild and terrifying, so let's see where it all landed. He continued: "But you can also hold your fire and do the unexpected. You can ... kill them with kindness." There's no need to imagine those chilling lines delivered with ominous background music because the video has already done that for you.

The whole thing has a real "Criminal taunting the detectives hot on his trail in his game of cat and mouse" kind of vibe. And we know exactly what that looks like because he did it in Se7en. Clearly, the most important point in all of this is that his shtick is getting extremely derivative.

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