The Guy Who Runs The Marvel Movies Is Now Making 'Star Wars'

Will Ant-Man hang out with Boba Fett? Who can really say?
The Guy Who Runs The Marvel Movies Is Now Making 'Star Wars'

Big news for fans of Star Wars and corporate synergy: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will work with Lucasfilm on a new movie set in that galaxy far, far away. Yes the architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be bringing his skills to the Star Wars-verse, thus edging us one step closer to Patton Oswalt's rambling filibuster from Parks And Recreation becoming a horrifying reality.

Feige teaming with Lucasfilm has actually been rumored for a while now, although early reports that he will take over as president of the company ultimately proved to be false. (Kathleen Kennedy extended her contract by three years in 2018.) So really, this isn't that surprising. Feige is a huge Star Wars fan who previously showed his love for the franchise by brutally amputating all your favorite Marvel characters in a surreptitious reference to what's obviously the most fun part of Star Wars.

How will his involvement change Star Wars? Well, for one thing, he reportedly has one role earmarked for a "major star." So maybe we'll get a movie wherein Dwayne Johnson plays a surprisingly beefy Bib Fortuna. But Feige has also gone on the record declaring his admiration for the Star Wars "Expanded Universe" -- the vast continuity of novels, comics, and video games that were booted from the official canon by Disney. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Feige called the old novels "amazing," and explained that "a lot of what we know now" about Star Wars came from them.

Obviously, that worldbuilding approach seems to have influenced Feige's work at Marvel, so is it possible that he could reintroduce certain elements from the books he grew up with to Star Wars? Basically, what we're saying is this: Please make Horse-Headed X-Wing Pilot: A Star Wars Story.

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