The Clickbait Company Behind That Sexy Mister Rogers Costume

Mr. Rogers didn't need short shorts, but here we are.
The Clickbait Company Behind That Sexy Mister Rogers Costume

Every once in a while, you see people on social media getting riled up about a Halloween costume that turns a banal but beloved pop culture figure into a sexy costume for women.

The Clickbait Company Behind That Sexy Mister Rogers Costume
A costume that gives you a sudden hankering to pork deceased PBS painter Bob Ross.

Almost all of the hypersexual outfits you've seen in recent years were made by one company: Yandy. And they're not even a costume company, per se (link is NSFW, by the way). They're a lingerie company that makes the kind of women's underwear that men who've never had sex think women wear all the time. I could be wrong, but I'm going to guess that most women don't go to work wearing lacy panties with a large slit over the butt crack, as they're not in that big a rush to entangle their own evacuations in a mesh sieve. Yandy makes overtly sexy, barely there stringy garments that look like horny spiders wove them directly onto the models' asses.

The costume section of the site (which probably doubles as their marketing department) is dedicated to making and selling stuff based on zeitgeisty buzzwords of the day, knowing it'll drum up the same controversy it always does. Yandy is clickbait turned into Halloween fare. They not only monetize low-level internet outrage, but also let you wear it so you can be the outrage.

The internet loves Bob Ross, so Yandy might as well make a sexy costume out of it. And between last year's tearjerker documentary and the upcoming biopic starring Tom Hanks, Mr. Rogers has more attention than ever. Yandy is doing their part by making you want the dearly departed Fred McFeely Rogers to sit on your face.

The Clickbait Company Behind That Sexy Mister Rogers Costume
No, Henrietta Pussycat! Not you too!

But they don't stop there. They made a sexy Beyond Meat Burger costume. In the midst of the Trump administration's tariff war with China, Yandy made a "Sexy Tariff" costume, so you can finally have sex with the reason American farmers are going bankrupt and committing suicide.

It's not like they're selling any sexy blackface costumes. They've found this little groove where they can enrage people just enough to pique interest -- maybe get some sales out of it, but not enough to cause an actual controversy that warrants an apol- oh no wait, never mind, they had to apologize for selling a sexy Handmaid's Tale costume. As the law of internet outrage monetization dictates, if you crank out enough sexy costumes based on Google search trends, you'll inevitably end up making bangable symbols of oppression.

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