Fans Won't Stop Peeing All Over 'Friends' Locations

You wouldn't poop on the Seinfeld diner, would you?
Fans Won't Stop Peeing All Over 'Friends' Locations

This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of Friends, the beloved series about five likable 20-somethings and also Ross. Over the decades, the apartment building featured on the show has become something of a pop culture icon. The surprisingly affordable dwelling sat atop Central Perk, the cozy coffee shop where the gang gathered to consume potentially hazardous levels of caffeine. But it turns out there's a problem at the real Central Perk ... and it involves urine.

The actual building where they shot exteriors for Friends is, not unlike Elton John, still standing. And since Friends remains staggeringly popular due to streaming (and the general emptiness of everybody's lives), hordes of fans still visit the building on a daily basis. Unfortunately, their reverence for this television landmark doesn't extend to not whizzing all over it. According to a current resident, one of the pitfalls of living in the former home of Joey Tribbiani is dealing with "near-constant public urination," thanks to the hundreds of tourists who show up each day.

Fans Won't Stop Peeing All Over 'Friends' Locations
The apartment is in New York's pricey Greenwich Village, but hey, at least the urine's free.

Things sound even worse for the proprietor of The Little Owl, the restaurant where confused fans think Central Perk should be. While most visitors behave respectively, he still gets "yelled at a lot because it's not Central Perk." The building also has to contend with an epidemic of Friends-centric graffiti, with fans scrawling famous lines such as "Joey doesn't share food!" and "We were on a break!" on the walls. And speaking of Ross, apparently David Schwimmer once dined at the restaurant, not realizing the place would be crawling with fans, because according to the owner, "He had no idea where he was." If the restaurant wants to relocate somewhere less conspicuous, may we suggest one of the buildings used in The Single Guy or Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place?

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