Congratulations Everyone, You Killed Jeremy Renner's App

Congratulations Everyone, You Killed Jeremy Renner's App

I hope you're proud of yourselves. All poor Jeremy Renner wanted to do was have his own app, for some reason. Why an actor needs an entire app all to themselves so their theoretical fanbase can connect with them in ways even they probably weren't clamoring for is not for us to know, but for us to accept without question. In only two years, you've all ruined "Jeremy Renner Official" with your saucy prankster humor. Good job.

The chaos that eventually brought down Renner's app did not begin with comedian Stefan Heck, but he definitely hastened its death. As Stefan explained on Deadspin, when he logged into Jeremy Renner to tell Jeremy Renner that he was going to be looking at some porn on his computer that upcoming weekend, Stefan's friend, responding as Jeremy Renner, said "Nasty!! Not Cool." Because Jeremy Renner (the app) did not stop people from creating fake Jeremy Renner profiles to post messages as Jeremy Renner (the esteemed actor of Hawkeye fame).

That small exchange went viral, and so began the onslaught of counterfeit Renners who polluted the once-Utopian online Renner community. The whole ordeal was apparently too much for poor J-Ren to handle. He posted a heartbreaking message on the app announcing its imminent closure due to manipulation by "clever individuals."

Luckily, there are still ways to digitally connect with JR, like buying camping gear from his Amazon store. While he'll no longer be the hot name in celebrity vanity apps, Renner is still the most trusted name in bird-watching binocular recommendations.

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