Mysterious Flying Pennywise Doll Terrifies Random Woman, You

IT: Chapter Two is set to hit theaters next month, ready to capitalize on our collective fear of both creepy clowns and Skarsgards (who surface only to feed on the fear that your significant other will leave you for one of them). The marketing machine is already in full swing, including unnerving Instagram photos of the cast and a haunted funhouse in Hollywood. Now comes word of an incident that might be a misguided PR stunt ... or maybe a spine-chilling prank ... or proof that we're all living in a Pixar movie written by Stephen King.

New Jersey resident Renee Jensen was lounging in her backyard when she spotted an "airborne" object that landed by her gate. Upon examination, it turned out to be a plush Pennywise toy, which is apparently a thing. Because who wouldn't want a stuffed murder clown to torment their Furbies and Build-a-Bears? In any case, the doll's mouth was encrusted with fake blood, and its forehead tattooed with five mysterious symbols -- presumably a code which will either open a portal to Hell itself or unlock some new trailer.

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Jensen's only neighbor wasn't home at the time of the incident, so no one knows where the darn thing came from. Understandably freaked out, she eventually phoned the police, who calmly took charge of- no wait, they were "hysterical" and "creeped out," according to Jensen. The cops wouldn't even touch the doll, and just left it with Jensen, who burned it, and then slept with a knife.

All's well that, uh, ends well?Renee Jensen/FacebookAll's well that, uh, ends well?

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Of course, the doll isn't really some kind of cursed object, unless you consider our culture's obsession with twee pop culture collectibles a curse. The toy is made by Funko and available to buy on Amazon. So was all this a marketing scheme? It's hard to say. After all, the last IT movie featured some pretty disturbing advertising tactics, such as creating "ghost-like" mannequins of a dead boy and randomly placing them by city sewer grates.

Mysterious Flying Pennywise Doll Terrifies Random Woman, YouWarner Bros. Canada

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Still, chucking defaced dolls onto private property seems like a step too far even for the shapeshifting sewer creatures in the advertising industry.

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