Jojo Rabbit Trailer Proves You Can Still Make 'Those' Films

Apparently, you CAN make that kind of movie today.
Jojo Rabbit Trailer Proves You Can Still Make 'Those' Films

There's an ongoing debate / internet shouting match that in our current oversensitive, virtue-signaling, too-many-genders-having, politically correct culture, the arts are being constricted by ever-present thought police. In the comedy world, that ideology has culminated in the handy grandpappy-like catchphrase "You couldn't make that kind of movie today," implying that no obedient mainstream filmmaker would ever dare to make a jokey movie that's as radically un-PC as they were in the good old days of Blazing Saddles, Animal House, and the correct Ghostbusters.

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Anyway, here's the trailer for a comedy about World War II child soldiers from the guy who did the last Thor movie.

Apparently making a habit of turning white supremacist icons into big doofuses, director Taika Waititi's next movie is the Nazi-baiting Jojo Rabbit. Based on the novel Caging Skies by Christine Leunens, the story follows a bullied boy named Jojo growing up in Nazi Germany, who invents an imaginary version of Hitler (played by Waititi) to help him cope with the death of his father. But that's kind of heavy for a one-minute teaser, so instead the trailer is more about Hitler Youth campers throwing knives in their own legs, Sam Rockwell being an SS star, and a bendy Hitler convincing a small boy not to let other people's opinions get in the way of your master plan.

Jojo Rabbit Trailer Proves You Can Still Make 'Those' Films
That Fuhrer sure can boogie!

The trailer throws off some heavy old-school Mel Brooks vibes, to no greater surprise than that of Mel Brooks, probably, combining Looney Tunes-like slapstick violence with a gleeful refusal to take the greatest villains of recent history seriously in any way, shape, or form. And for those who think that a satire about how much Nazis suck is a pretty soft target in 2019, how about a comedy that deals with the brainwashing of young people to embrace fascism? Or a comedy that seems to have a scene in which said young ones kamikaze themselves with grenades to safeguard that ideology? Or a movie that shows a "goofy, charming" Hitler, the lovable version of history's greatest monster who lived in the minds of his young followers? A Hitler played by a guy whose background is Jewish and Maori?

Well, an imaginary Hitler, at least. One with a silly uniform and a bad German accent. Because this is still a comedy, and Waititi proudly put zero effort or research into the role because, and this might offend all the PC snowflakes out there, Hitler was "a f*cking c*nt."

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