Uh, The David Bowie Movie Won't Have Bowie's Music In It

Uh, The David Bowie Movie Won't Have Bowie's Music In It

Biopics about musicians have it easy. Not only do most bands have crazier lives than the average Marvel superhero, but filmmakers can rely so heavily on the music that the movie itself barely has to be better than those videos they screen above the lyrics at karaoke bars. But that is definitely going to be an issue for the upcoming David Bowie biopic, because despite being all about his early influences, the soundtrack won't be featuring his greatest musical influence of all: David Bowie.

Throwing all the current genre buzzwords into a blender, the upcoming musical biopic Stardust will be a kind of an origin story, recounting Bowie's first visit to America in 1971, where he gave crazy space-birth to his iconic character Ziggy Stardust. Actor Johnny Flynn, a talented musician in his own right, will star as Bowie, and he's as good a choice as any to utterly fail at evoking even a modicum of the genius and charm that the now-departed Elven King could fart out at will.

Uh, The David Bowie Movie Won't Have Bowie's Music In It
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And they already had to blow the CGI budget on the spiders from Mars

But even if no mortal shell can hold the glory of Bowie, Deadline reports that the movie will also feature "a varied soundtrack from the era" -- considered by many the most banging era ever. So varied, in fact, that the movie hopes you won't miss a distinctive lack of Bowie. That's because, despite the claim that Stardust will feature "a small number of Bowie performances," Bowie's son Duncan Jones stated on Twitter that nope, that's not going to happen.

Turns out Stardust's producers never checked in with ground control -- i.e. asked Bowie's family and estate if it was cool to commercialize the legend's life and use his music. Jones affirmed that "as it stands, this movie won't have any of dad's music in it, & I can't imagine that changing." So playing "Changes" is definitely off the table, then.

But not wanting to bum out his dad's fans (our moms) too much, Jones, himself an award-winning filmmaker, immediately followed up this announcement with a biopic pitch of his own: an animated movie about the the Thin White Duke written by Neil Gaiman and made by Into The Spider-Verse director Peter Ramsay -- to no greater surprise than that of Gaiman and Ramsay.

But if you think about it, the idea of putting a pair of comic book geniuses in charge of a film about an artist who always felt like he was dropped on this Earth by a meteor seems so right that it's hard to even care anymore about a Bowie movie that features inferior fleshbags. So let's wait for that movie to materialize instead of going to watch Stardust and its inevitable off-brand Bowie covers "Zippy Stardust," "Space Anomaly," and the classic "Copyright Violator, Copyright Violator."

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