And Now, Andy Serkis As Gollum As Theresa May

Andy Serkis returns to an iconic role to mock the Prime Minister's stubbornly holding onto her precious sovereignty.
And Now, Andy Serkis As Gollum As Theresa May

It's really hard to explain Brexit to non-British people. It's the socioeconomic equivalent of a midlife-crisis-fueled divorce where the leaving party insists it's their sovereign right to sleep in the pool house for as long as they please. What's less tricksy to come to grips with is a story that lies underneath the shambles. The story of Prime Minister Theresa May, someone whose desire for power was so blinding, she was willing to grab it no matter the consequences, even if it meant a plummet toward fiery destruction.

Hey, that reminds us of someone.

And Now, Andy Serkis As Gollum As Theresa May
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Pictured: the only holiday destination Brits will soon be able to afford.

May is having a very tough December. Her latest controversial Brexit deal is being torn to shreds by everyone (including her own party), her government is being held in contempt of Parliament, and now she's facing a vote of no confidence from a group of politicians so incompetent that they couldn't run a bath without having to ring a bell to summon a footman. That kind of hate has to absolutely wreck one's self-esteem, so it's probably not the best week to also find out that the world's greatest actor at playing ghouls and monsters has decided to dust off his most iconic role to take the absolute piss out of you flip-flopping like a juicy sweet fish.

In the parody video, Andy Serkis recreates his iconic portrayal of Gollum talking to his own reflection in The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, in which the struggle between good and evil inside a broken creature is laid bare. But here, instead of the waxy Hobbit, it's Theresa May, and instead of coveting a precious ring of absolute power, it's a plan that will turn the UK into a nation about as economically stable as Rohan right after the invention of Uruk-hai.

But as he did with Gollum, Serkis (intentional or otherwise) manages to inject an unexpected amount of humanity into someone so reviled. His May shows a broken spirit. She knows that Brexit is the only thing keeping her in power, but also fears it'll mean a future for the UK in which there won't be enough taters to go around. It's surprisingly nuanced for a performance that's 70 percent bug eyes.

Also, it seems that the actor has created an entire YouTube channel dedicating to mocking Brexit while urging for a second people's vote -- something May has been fighting tooth and nail against. If we're lucky, he might even step away from only using Lord Of The Rings for his political commentaries, and we'll get to see him recreate the end of King Kong to showcase Brexit's economic impact on Downtown London.

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