Is There A Time Travel Clue in The New 'Avengers' Trailer?

Is There A Time Travel Clue in The New 'Avengers' Trailer?

Marvel fans likely ended their viewing of the recent Avengers: Endgame trailer by either sobbing into a childhood blanket, pestering NASA to save Tony Stark, or poring over every detail like it was the damn Zapruder film. Those in the last category seem to have made a key discovery, one that could hint at how Thanos might be defeated -- though it sadly doesn't involve a galaxy's worth of banana cream pies.

In the closing moments of the trailer, Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, shows up at Avengers HQ with a filthy van.

Is There A Time Travel Clue in The New 'Avengers' Trailer?
Marvel Studios
Theory: It's not Scott, but a crossover with the Knocked Up / This Is 40 extended universe.

Captain America asks, "Is this an old message?" To which Black Widow responds, "It's the front door." Which really isn't an answer to that question. Fans also spotted the word "ARCHIVE" in the top left corner of the screen, implying that Cap is right and the footage isn't live. Since the last time we saw Ant-Man, he was trapped in the Quantum Realm, it's possible that however he ends up escaping that psychedelic dimension involves traveling through time. A set of numbers on the video also could read "1983," implying that Lang gets thrown back 35 years! And knowing Disney's penchant for corporate synergy, he'll probably swing by a multiplex to check out Return Of The Jedi.

Since supergluing thousands of superhero flakes together would be both ineffective and dull, time travel seems like the most likely course of action to undo Thanos' genocidal snap. So the trailer may have been showing audiences the movie's first time traveler, just without most of us realizing it. As for Ant-Man's buddy Luis' van, which was not sucked into the Quantum Zone, it's possible that the van itself was inserted into that shot just for the trailer. Which sounds insane, but not less insane than the other times Marvel's marketing department has misdirected fans.

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