Love Horror Movies? Then You’ll Love This Puzzle

How many classic horror references can you find?
Love Horror Movies? Then You’ll Love This Puzzle

It's finally Halloween, that wonderful time of the year when hyperactive children have carte blanche to do everything shy of murder in the name of full-size candy bars -- and when hyperactive adults like us are allowed (or at least, allowed without looking like budding serial killers) to spend all night binge-watching horror movies until our eyes atrophy into shallow husks.

Until the witching hour arrives, why not put your knowledge of horror classics to good use and try to figure out this puzzle that's currently doing the rounds on Reddit? The objective is simple: Identify all 300 horror villains, monsters, ghoulies, and references hidden in this image.


(As we don't want you to get a migraine, here's the link to the original (much larger) version.)

The brainchild of a user by the name of u/Choekaas, this puzzle is a mind-blowing collage of pop culture's most iconic monsters ...

uaalathdeer Win


... and beasties that only true horror fans have a hope in hell of recognizing.


There's no prize for completing the puzzle, unless you count bragging rights, but that's just the fun of it, really. And as far as socially acceptable ways to celebrate Halloween on the subway go, this'll net you fewer weird stares than if you start singing "One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You."

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