Sad News, Folks: The Shoe From Back To The Future 2 Is Dying

In a franchise full of amazing gadgets and "Why this isn't a real thing?"-inspiring concepts, the Nike Air Mags from Back To The Future Part II are underrated MVPs. You could travel back in time with the DeLorean, sure. You could commute effortlessly with the Hoverboard, sure. But would you ever find a comfier fit of sneaker? It's doubtful.

This is why we're sad to announce that the prop Air Mags that appeared in the movie are dying a slow, painful, agonizing death.

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This distressing news comes to us via eBay, where the left shoe of the pair is currently being auctioned off before time reduces it to fancy dust. As sneaker plastic is total garbage, the rubber and foam elements have deteriorated to the point where the sole is no longer attached to the fabric of the shoe, and the back heel is mostly crumbs "preserved in two small plastic containers."

If for some reason you're still interested, the auction concludes on Monday, July 2. We've got a few pointers, though. First, you have to be able to collect it from Portland, because the shoe is so unstable that relying on the postal service to safely transport it -- hell, safely transport anything -- is inadvisable. Second, the shoe has to be stored in a glass display case and handled with the sort of care normally reserved for prehistoric artifacts. Oh, and third, you're going to need over $90,000 the last time we checked.

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So yeah, good luck to whoever buys this. You're going to need it, because while it's thrilling to know that you own a piece of film history, your investment won't be look nearly as attractive in a couple of years, at which point it will resemble couch stuffing that was attacked by a plague of pissed-off hamsters.

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