The 'WeRateDogs' Twitter Is Involved In Another Dumb Scandal

They might be good dogs, but those names could do with some work.
The 'WeRateDogs' Twitter Is Involved In Another Dumb Scandal

If you've ever visited Twitter for more than 20 seconds, you're probably aware of @dog_rates -- the account that rates cute doggos and puppers and makes jokes about boops and snoots and such.

For something so wholesome and spiritually rich, however, the account can't help but keep getting into dumbass scrapes. Case in point, the controversy that erupted earlier this week when it emerged that Matt Nelson, the owner of @dog_rates, had changed the name of one featured doggo from "Kanan" to "George" -- which landed him accusations that he was whitewashing the dogs, or at the very least pretending that "Kanan" isn't a way better name than the vanilla-ass nonsense that is "George."

Nelson defended himself by saying that he often changes the names of the dogs that he features, and that he does it with the permission of the dogs' owners, and that he likes to use monosyllabic names in order to make his tweets catchier -- a defense that might have worked if he hadn't admitted (in a since-deleted tweet) that the names play a large part in how well each post does, because not only does he need to drive engagement amongst dog people, but also racist dog people.

You'd think Nelson would be better at crisis management, at least after last year's controversy when he started selling a baseball cap emblazoned with the words "Covfefe AF" (back in the days when everyone confused saying "covfefe" with having made an actual joke) and pledged to donate half of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood ... a pledge that he immediately walked back after angry anti-abortion agitators reminded him that dogs are apolitical, and as such, don't care about women's health ... a walk-back which led to him being chastised by pro-choice people for rolling over so easily.

There was also that time Nelson butted heads with Ellen DeGeneres for also rating dogs on Twitter.

This wasn't a controversy, by the way. We just wanted this guy to stand in front of a courtroom and try to Fine Bros the concept of putting numbers next to dogs, which we're pretty sure people have been doing since time immemorial.

The 'WeRateDogs' Twitter Is Involved In Another Dumb Scandal
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"This is Anubis. He loves embalming, bones, and boop snoots. 13/10 would allow to usher my soul into the afterlife."

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