The Crazy Implications Of A Gorillaz/Powerpuff Crossover

Yesterday saw the release of the latest music video by Gorillaz, the most controversial virtual band since Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem kicked their cocaine habit. "Humility," from their upcoming album The Now Now, showcases a new direction the band is taking. But apart from the summery new sound, there's another addition to Gorillaz that might change the world as we know it, and it's all because of this cameo:

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No, not that one, though those tube socks are an affront to beach etiquette. This one:

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Meet Ace, the (temporary) new bassist of Gorillaz. Ace is Ringo-ing original bassist and band "founder" Murdoc Niccals, who's currently doing a stretch in a British prison for smuggling -- though he insists that he's actually being framed by a demon called "El Mierda," whom he met in a club during the taping of the music video for "Strobelite" and honestly, we've seen anime with less complicated storylines.

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However, Ace isn't just some random dude the band found through a wanted ad on Craigslist. His first claim to infamy came decades ago as the cool-as-ice leader of the Gangreen Gang, old nemeses of none other than the Powerpuff Girls. But that was during the '90s, when getting beat up by child superheroes was still a viable career option (like travel agent). Now middle-aged and balding, Ace has found a more positive outlet for his antisocial tendencies: being an evil bassist.

Cartoon Network

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Strangely, this might have much farther-reaching implications than you might think. Sure, it was already established that the band existed in the PPG universe, but that's different. Now the Powerpuff Girls are officially part of the Gorillaz universe, which is our actual universe. The band might be a cover for Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett to make weird and wonderful music, but they're technically doing it right here in this very space-time continuum. Gorillaz members have done interviews. They've spoken at music awards. Millions of people have been to their shows and have the s****y $40 T-shirts to prove it. And now there's a Powerpuff Girls character walking around the Kentucky Derby. What does that mean?

Wikimedia Commons

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And what about the many, many crossovers the Powerpuff Girls have had throughout their adventures? They even saved Wonder Woman and Aquaman once. Does that mean the entire DC Universe is part of the Powerpuff Girls Universe, which is now part of our actual universe? Guns 'n' Roses is currently short a guitarist -- we're sure the Flash can shred like nobody's business.

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