What Stupid Thing Is Trending Now? (10/14/2017)

When I read this story, I was immediately filled with impotent rage. Clearly the shoe is gray and teal. There is no other correct answer, and people are full of crap. Anyone claiming they see a pink shoe with white laces is a lying turd. When you put it into Photoshop and use the color picker tool, you can objectively prove it is gray and teal.

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The dirty commie shoe pinkos are arguing that the actual shoe is white/pink, and the lighting is bad in the photo.

Okay, fine. But that doesn't stop me from only seeing gray and teal in the photo in question, because it is gray in teal in that image. This is the One Truth and anyone who doesn't believe it should have their eyes pecked out by birds because they're clearly not using them. I can't believe there are people on this earth dumb enough to see white/pink I-- wait. What. WHAT.

I can only see white/pink now. What is happening? How? Who am I? Is everything I see a lie? Did the government do this? How? Is my drinking water tainted? Is the universe a subjective experience based on the scattered data our eyes take in and how our brains happen to piece together this information? Is my shirt black or purple? I hate purple, I don't want to wear purple, someone tell me if I'm wearing purple!!! GOD IS A LIE!

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