We looked at a lot of things differently last week. We also looked at "Fallout 4" way more than we did porn.

"Sure, he ties Luke up and delays him for a second, but that only lasts until Han Solo accidentally smashes into his jetpack with a pole and sends him tumbling into a man-eating sand vagina, screaming like a Muppet."

"A key requirement for a song's catchiness is that the singer has to be male. The researchers speculate that we're tapping into some inherent psychological intuition to follow male tribal leaders into battle."

The 14 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (11/24)

In the future, all video-game-release success will be measured by the "Pornhub Scale."

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week - 11/29

"A quick look at the news should make you thankful that you're not currently running and screaming from some disaster or another."

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