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The 50 Hottest World Cup WAGs of All Time: [Bleacher Report]

The machine revolution is upon us: Man infected with computer virus: [Asylum]

7 Things That Will Definitely Happen On Memorial Day Weekend: [Holy Taco]

Doesn't matter what kind of boobs they are, they're getting blurred: [Huffington Post]

Animals are undeniably awesome (when they aren't trying to kill us): [The Chive]

5 Movie Endings Changed for the Better: [Mania]

Author gets cocky in his bio: [College Humor]

The Ugly Duckling (2010 Edition): [i am bored]

'Guess My Age' Will Keep You Guessing: [lemondrop]

Ultimate proof that Facebook is evil: [TopCultured]

The 10 Hottest Female Soldiers in Movie History: [Man O Fest]


We could be riding in Star Wars-esque cars right now? Thanks for nothing, America: [Jalopnik]
Thanks to @admengst.

Mark Twain tells all... 100 years later: [Independent]
Thanks to @gregory.

Ebert thought Sex and the City 2 was fabulous. Just kidding, he hated it: [Sun Times]
Thanks to @ebertchicago.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Everything you need to know about the McFly family.
Submitted by ArthurDent42 in the Mirth Canal.

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The 15 Most Annoying Levels In Video Game History: [College Humor]

The Best Movie Poster Mash-Ups Ever: [Huffington Post]

How lazy people are destroying humanity: [Ask Men]

Classic tunes with a twist of Swing: [Music Machinery]
Thanks to ITrade in the Mirth Canal.

Nike's 20 Best Commercials: [Bleacher Report]

Back to the Future really paid attention to the details: [The Chive]

20 WTF TV Character Deaths: [Mania]

Creative Covers of the Best 1980s Sitcom Theme Songs: [Unreality]

Chinese Dinosaur Name Shocks No One: [i am bored]

11 Signs She's Lying to Your Face: [The Frisky]

Girl lives her life like a video game. Hawt: [FARK]

10 Funniest Dubbed Commercials: []

Is this man the greatest musician of our time?: [Rupert Chappelle]
Thanks to jryan in the Mirth Canal.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Every lawsuit against God.
Submitted by SirMrSir in the Mirth Canal.

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The Most Homoerotic Signs Of All Time: [Huffington Post]

Subtly and the 1940s go together not at all: [The Chive]

Tall Tales, Hoaxes and Scams: 10 Great Hollywood Tricks: [Mania]

These kids really loathe politicians: [Uncoached]

Chris Klein auditions for Mamma Mia: [College Humor]

A clever staging or is this the luckiest skater ever?: [i am bored]

20 obscure sports hotties that need your attention right now: [Bleacher Report]

20 Mascots Caught Behaving Badly: [Man O Fest]

Where are they now? ALF: [TopCultured]

A Flowchart to Determine What Game Show You Should Go On: [Holy Taco]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Did you know there's such thing as Libertarian sci-fi?
Submitted by Nimby in the Mirth Canal.


Men, let your voice be heard in the Great Male Survey: [Ask Men]

How to ace your job interview: [College Humor]

The Most WTF Wedding Photos Of All Time: [Huffington Post]

Celebrities all grown up (the first picture makes us feel dirty): [The Chive]

Amazing racing crashes: [Bleacher Report]

10 Video Game Movies That Should Never Be Made: [Mania]

15 Female Celebrities Eating Bananas: [Man O Fest]

Fun Ways to Measure the Size of the BP Gulf Oil Spill: [Asylum]

New game: Death Row Diner: [Adult Swim]

One month til summer!: [i am bored]

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates: [LiquidGeneration]


Husband Unrepentant About His 20 Years Of 'Booty Call' At Work: [Courant]
Thanks to @person_in_stall.

Man, birds are friggin' jerks: [Today's Big Thing]
Thanks to @scullybug.

Why does one of the Olympic mascots look so angry?: [The Sporting Blog]
Thanks to @WhitneyRay.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: The Pubic Wars. You're Welcome.
Submitted by Dan the Great in the Mirth Canal.


If Summer Movie Posters Were Honest: [Holy Taco]

What your finals grade says about you: [College Humor]

Top 10 Craziest Backstage Demands: [Ask Men]

30 perfectly timed sports photos: [The Chive]

10 Hot Chicks Girls Want You To Fantasize About: [The Frisky]

The Most Funniest News Typos Ever: [Huffington Post]

How to deal with your tightwad friend: [lemondrop]

The 20 Craziest Rumors in Sports: [Bleacher Report]

10 WTF Movie Character Deaths: [Mania]

A serial pervert is born at the E3 Expo: [i am bored]

15 Greatest Sci-Fi and Horror Games for the Commodore: [FARK]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Even the heavy metal umlaut entry is more extreme than the regular umlaut entry.
Submitted by StrangeHoney in the Mirth Canal.


We think all art should be Star Wars art: [The Chive]

The 80s Bully Megacut: [Huffington Post]

The sexiest CPR class ever: [Asylum]

10 Creepy Movie Villain Lairs: [Mania]

College Dining Hall Placemat Activities: [College Humor]

Time for some more news from: [Adult Swim]

The 50 Most Popular Women on the Web: Sports Edition: [Bleacher Report]

The weirdest Michael Jackson GIF ever: [Unreality]

Godzilla really knows how to tickle the ivory: [YouTube]
Thanks to RogerRamjet in the Mirth Canal.

Where are they now? Nichelodeon's Hey Dude: [TopCultured]

Top 10 Celebrities Caught Staring at Lakers Girls: [Man O Fest]

What Facebook did without your permission: [i am bored]

What happens when two world leaders have a crazy-off? One sends the other a bunch of animals: [Guardian]
Thanks to FlyingSquid in the Mirth Canal.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Study your forks, folks. Pop quiz later this week.
Submitted by theamazingape in the Mirth Canal.


The 15 Biggest WTF Moments in Cartoon History: [Man O Fest]

The eight year transformation from boy to woman: [i am bored]

These GIFs are full of glory: [The Chive]

What future archaeologists will think about today's colleges: [College Humor]

The most awesome Star Wars products of all time: [Huffington Post]

8 Adult Commercials You May Have Missed On TV : [The Frisky]

Use Your Smart Phone to Charge Friends for Your Time: [Asylum]

Grannies Gone Wild: [coed]

The Movie Maven returns with reviews of Robin Hood and Shrek 4: [Mania]

How to defend yourself like Seanbaby: [Ask Men]

England's five hottest WAGs: [Bleacher Report]

Game Show Remakes That Could Work: [Uncoached]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: The "Shit Happens" page felt you needed to know the phrase's fictitious origins as well.
Submitted by StrangeHoney in the Mirth Canal.


Not everything in life is a FAIL: [The Chive]

18 reasons not to have children: [Huffington Post]

When the guy who writes for On-Demand gets bored: [College Humor]

Will Cold Stone build you a sundae that could potentially kill you on the spot?: [TopCultured]

What NOT to Do At An Orgy: [Holy Taco]

A preview of this summer's movies. Are they all going to suck?: [Mania]

Ever wonder how hot Eve was?: [Ask Men]

The sexiest female poker players of all time (we think an exception should've been made for Doyle Brunson): [Bleacher Report]

What we'd do if we were back in high school: [Uncoached]

Bad news day for Apple haters: The only reason Android is outselling the iPhone is because of marketing, lower cost and the fact that the iPad is out: [FARK]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: In case you were unsure of where school uniforms come from, surprise! They come from fucking stores.
Submitted by Quagmar in the Mirth Canal.


The Funniest News Freeze Frames Of All Time: [Huffington Post]

What happens when your favorite cartoon characters go to college: [College Humor]

These might be the greatest photos ever: [The Chive]

On the heels of the Star Wars pregnancy announcement comes the video game marriage proposal: [Asylum]

Hey, guys, learning to cook something other than a Hot Pocket might get you some action: [lemondrop]

New game alert: Give Up, Robot: [Adult Swim]

These are the ladies of Friday Night Lights: [Bleacher Report]

15 New Games to Check Out for May: [Mania]

20 Inappropriate Sand Sculptures: [Man O Fest]

Rihanna's action is no where near as offensive as that outfit: [The Frisky]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Seeing Jesus in your cereal is one thing, but a monkey tree phenomenon? Come on.
Submitted by RevertSpecially in the Mirth Canal.


Grammar Nazis have precious little tolerance: [College Humor]

The 20 Most Awesome Fan Takedowns And Tasings In Sports: [Bleacher Report]

Tracking Iron Man Through LA: [Mania]

This is how a real man starts his day: [TopCultured]

Fiction's worst mothers: [Huffington Post]

Boobageddon: [Adult Swim]

What happens when you remake Birds on the budget of The Room: [Birdemic]
Thanks to nchammer326 in the Mirth Canal.

Monkeys are thieving bastards: [The Chive]

It's an overload of Scarlett Johansson hotness: [Man O Fest]

Star Wars Pregnancy Announcement Makes Childbirth Nerdy: [Asylum]

10 Allusions to Lost in TV Shows: [Liquid Generation]

Awesome fan reactions: [Uncoached]

What stormtroopers do on their day off (part 2): [Wild Ammo]
Thanks to i got ants in my pants in the Mirth Canal.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Fart doesn't only have to mean flatulence.
Submitted by anthlazanas in the Mirth Canal.


25 Ridiculous Pinatas: [Holy Taco]

The 8 Greatest Comic Book Luchadores: [Comics Alliance]

The Most Ridiculous Facebook Groups of All Time: [Huffington Post]

The World's Laziest Margarita: [lemondrop]

The Top 20 Most Embarrassing Athlete Photos: [Bleacher Report]

Captured: Raw emotion: [The Chive]

Rejected $100 Bill Redesigns: [College Humor]

What's really in the bottle of lube: [Asylum]

Existential Cat Would Like To Celebrate His Birthday With You: [The Frisky]

Before they were LOST: [Unreality]

13 Great Movie Character Entrances: [Mania]

The most natural smile you will ever see: [I Am Bored]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: The uncommon themes discussed on Maury Povich's show.
Submitted by Anata in the Mirth Canal.


Celebrities and their cartoon counterparts: [TopCultured]

Slave Leias Make for Sexiest Geek Car Wash Ever: [Asylum]

What kids looked like before technology corrupted humankind: [The Chive]

The Funniest Personal Ads Ever: [Huffington Post]

Start investing in time traveling companies, Stephen Hawking says it will happen: [FARK]

10 Awesome Moments from The Boondocks: [Adult Swim]

Is that the Eyjafjallajokull on your wrist?: [Ask Men]

The dance craze that's sweeping the world: [College Humor]

The 25 Sexiest Celebrity Twitter Photos: [Man O Fest]

The 20 Most Boobtastic Athletes of All Time: [Bleacher Report]

We're still trying to figure out if this just cruel or mildly hilarious: [I Am Bored]

Even when covered in oil, animals are still heart-meltingly cute: [Holy Taco]

8 Characters We Hope to See in Iron Man 2: [Mania]

5 Ways to Pick Up Girls That Only Work in the Movies: [Unreality]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Apparently someone put together a list of what people would do for a Klondike Bar.
Submitted by Truthiness in the Mirth Canal.

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