5 Celebrities Who Got Famous by Being Obsessed Fanboys

#2. The Geek Who Would Be Doctor Who

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Started Out As:

A young, obsessed Doctor Who fan whose schoolteachers had to tell him to shut up about it.

But Became:

The Doctor.

Settle down, freaky nerd ladies.

Recently, Doctor Who won a victory over Star Trek by becoming the longest-running science fiction series ever. Twice as many actors have played the Doctor over its entire run as have played James Bond. All the way back in the '70s, the role belonged to Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor), and his biggest fan in the universe was a geeky kid named David McDonald.

And McDonald was a megafan to an extent that few men could begin to realize. As a child in school, it was all he ever wrote about, to the point where his teacher had to tell him to stop before she had to fail him. His most treasured possession was the stripy Doctor Who scarf his grandmother knitted him.

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She also knitted him that wicked '70s white guy 'fro.

But he was a talented kid, even if he channeled all that talent into incessantly ranting about Doctor Who (a teacher still has one of his essays about the Doctor, titled "Intergalactic Overload," in which McDonald talked about becoming obsessed with the thought of being the Time Lord himself). And where most kids eventually drop their fantasy of growing up to be, say, a Jedi, David McDonald stuck to his guns and joined acting school. Only, because they already had a guy named David McDonald, he changed his name to something that a lot of nerds will find instantly familiar: David Tennant.

Tennant worked hard, forging himself a successful career in Shakespearean stage productions, until one day, while recording a radio play, he learned of a project that was being recorded next door: a Doctor Who animation being produced in an attempt to revive the series after a 14-year hiatus. This was Tennant's big break. He crashed the production and managed somehow to convince the director to give him a small role. Now that his foot was in the door, he was able to audition for the role he was born to play once the series geared up again. And guess what? He lost to Christopher Eccleston.

Oh, but they gave Tennant the role a year later, when Eccleston quit. And Tennant went on to be voted the best version of the Doctor ever by fans, which makes sense, because he knew the character better than anyone in the history of the universe. As if that wasn't a big enough screw you to the realists who mocked his obsession, he also married the daughter of Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor. Because apparently his good fortune just wasn't implausible enough already.

Via Telegraph
She's three and a half feet tall.

#1. The Cover Band Singer Who Joined the Real Thing


Started Out As:

A Judas Priest fan so obsessed that he started a cover band just so he could live the fantasy.

But Became:

The actual lead singer of Judas Priest.

As seen here, performing his rendition of "Rainbow Connection."

Tim Owens was one of those teenagers whose clothing was covered in flaming skulls wrapped in barbed wire and whose favorite albums all involved a great deal of screaming. When he was 16, his older brother came home with a new album that would go on to define his entire life: Screaming for Vengeance, by Judas Priest. From that day on, Judas Priest became his entire world. His walls were adorned with posters, and on his 18th birthday, he enjoyed a cake decorated with a screaming horned monster from one of JP's album covers. Basically, he lived a healthy and well-adjusted childhood.

When he was old enough, he naturally started a Judas Priest cover band. But Owens wasn't content to just cover his idols. He seemed determined to become them. He imitated Rob Halford, the lead singer, down to the most delicate nuance, or at least as delicate and nuanced as heavy metal can be. He even bought a motorcycle so that he could ride it on stage, because that was something Judas Priest did.

At this point, Owens was well on the way to potentially tracking down and ritualistically killing the band members to absorb their metal powers. But fate had something quite different in store. After Rob Halford left the band, Judas Priest was on the hunt for a new lead singer, and there seemed to be only one obvious choice. After an audition that presumably consisted of Owens singing ball-shattering high notes, he was made an official member of the band. From then on he became known as "Ripper," and got to record two albums with, and even write a song for, the band that had been his entire world.

These days, Owens still decorates his room with pictures of his favorite band, only unlike when he was a kid, he's in them.

Though, let's be fair, here: He'll never be in them the way Halford was in them.

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