15 More Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

#7. Oh Man I am So Going to Get Fired for This

This looks like an entry in a "what if advertisements came to life and fucked up your car" Photoshop contest, but it is an actual photo of an actual ad in Columbus, Ohio.

The ad isn't for a paint brand, but rather Nationwide Insurance. So how did they achieve the illusion that paint had spilled down the building and onto the parking lot? By, uh, spilling a bunch of paint on the building and parking lot.

#6. A UFO, or Possibly God's Condom

Here we have what appears to be a badly faked UFO photo, one with the added bonus of capturing it in the middle of firing a pink laser at something off to the right! It's a fucking interstellar war!

This is in fact another form of lenticular cloud, which happen when the clouds are positioned perpendicular to the wind direction, where they get spun into shape like a clay pot. We featured a famous lenticular cloud photo in a previous episode, but the pink sunset tint on this one gives it that extra layer of "this has to be bullshit."

This one was photographed in Damascus, Syria and probably caused the nearest air force base to scramble their fighter jets.

#5. "Hold On, I Just Need to Divide by Zero here..."

It looks like either somebody shot your monitor with a BB gun or a giant cracked open the sky with a stray baseball. It's actually a giant sculpture called The B of the Bang, located in Manchester, England.

If you're thinking that structure is a horrifying impalement waiting to happen, well, you're right. Structural difficulties led to several broken spikes, leading to lawsuits and area closures. It's currently dismantled, and sitting in storage somewhere while they wait for funding and safety testing to rebuild it. After that, presumably somebody will have to climb up there once a month and knock the dead birds off the spikes.

#4. The World's Most Apathetic Optical Illusion

This is the rare optical illusion that doesn't care if you're impressed or not. Straight on you think you're looking at an adequate Photoshop collage constructed by someone who is less adequate at math. The mind fuck doesn't hit home until you move to the side and realize that it's actually... a bunch of junk.

While it's awesome when a guy spends two weeks making a town look like a level from Mario Bros., it's downright punk rock to make a just as meticulously detailed optical illusion that is essentially a retarded math equation made out of a garage sale.

Though, if they do freelance work, we can't think of a better way to tell a cheating spouse you're kicking them out than spelling "Pack Your Shit" in floating letters in the garage using all their worldly possessions.

#3. "Challenge God to a Fight? Why, I'm not Afraid of-"

This would be the second entry in the "Man, this is the worst CGI I've ever seen!" category, with what appears to be a strafing run by a plane-mounted flamethrower.

This is a fire whirl, a momentary phenomenon caused by twisting air currents, captured in action by a lucky photographer.

The Internet has several real pictures of this phenomenon, each looking more fake than the last.

#2. Your Policy Does Not Cover This

If you're not sure what you're looking at here, we don't blame you. Is it a huge hunk of mountain that's fallen on a town? The view from under one of Godzilla's shits?

Unfortunately, all of the photos of the town of Setenil de las Bodegas in Spain are equally confusing.

The whole place just looks like it's being slowly consumed by a creeping wave of rock, like the plot of the worst disaster movie ever.

It turns out they built the town that way, crammed under the overhanging rocks, for reasons that we're sure no one in the town can adequately explain.

#1. Life-Sized Re-enactment of Excitebike

This fortuitously captured motorcycle jump is awesome because of the utterly ridiculous cartoon logic at play. And who hasn't wanted to go hopping across the pyramids on a dirtbike?

That's not some Styrofoam pyramids they put up in the background of some motocross rally, by the way. The pic is from an exhibition in front of the actual pyramids of Giza. Though we have to admit, half the reason it made the list is because it reminded us of this Achewood strip.

CONTINUE: 17 MORE Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped...

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