World History

What can be asked about the history of the world that hasn't already been answered by Mel Brooks' History of the World, Part 1? Well, a lot actually. There's a lot of supplemental text that couldn't fit into a 90-minute 80s comedy. Don't worry, though. Remembering obscure history is what Cracked is for (no matter how drunk the history or writers might be). “But Cracked,” you ask, foolishly, “isn't that what school and books are for?” To which we answer no. You start with Mel Brooks, then you come to the world's only comedy website. That's how you learn what the schools are afraid to teach, maaaan.

Did you know a lot of history was caused by STDs? You do now, and don't come crying to us if it burns when you pee. It's not our fault you used a time machine to bang Al Capone. Hey speaking of altering the course of time, you may have forgotten these “what if” moments. But we bet you didn't forget that history is a tough place for minorities. Read below for more history facts that shouldn't be left in the past: 


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