If you lived in a world where superheroes weren't a thing, and suddenly some dude was able to move faster than a tall building or leap over a speeding train in a single bound, the first thing you'd call that guy is probably “Superman.” Kal-El is the archetypal superhero. He's an American Hercules with laser eyes. So why are we always trying to figure out to how to make Superman relevant? Or even what makes a good Superman? Because he might have something to say about the problems we face today.

Science says Superman is realistic, even if Clark Kent's body is weird. So we'd better figure out what to do with Superman before we actually get one in real life. Oh, did we mention Superman is better than Joseph Goebbles at propaganda? On top of all that strength, he's smart. Yikes. We gotta get him on our side. Certainly don't want a farm boy from Kansas realizing his true strength only to get mafia connections.


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