Serial Killers

Look guys: serial killers are people too, okay? Serial killers fall in love. Serial killers have hobbies. Serial killers like movies. And some serial killers enjoy their privacy. So while you're listening to your little true crime podcast, remember that's a human being they're talking about. A, uh, human being who killed a lot of other human beings. Oh, those pesky tragic details. 

Pop culture is fascinated with serial killers, and Cracked is no different. It's a strange curiosity, one that's responsible for many of our sleepless nights and roughly half of David Fincher's career. We cover them all, too: the Yugosalvian grandma serial killer, the murderer who inspired Oscar-winner Bong Joon-Ho, and even the terminally online (literally). So wait until the clock strikes midnight, everyone in your house is asleep, the only light is the dim blue coming from your laptop, and read all of our articles about people who kill people.


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