Los Angeles

Los Angeles: a city known for tremendous birdwatching along the scenic L.A. River and inspiring football teams. It's sort of amazing how much history Los Angeles has built in such a short existence, mostly thanks to how good movies are at ingraining images into the cultural unconsciousness. We mythologize Old Hollywood even though it wasn't that long ago. And movies even leave cultural footprints on city locales, resulting into a cultural ouroboros that will presumably continue until the singularity and we all live in Wall-E-esque satellites. Now where'd we get that idea from? Oh right, Hollywood, which is located in Los Angeles. See what we mean about the ouroboros thing? 

5 Birds That Suck: A Drunk Column

I packed a camera, a notebook, a birding guide from the library (that I was unquestionably the first person to ever open), and a CamelBak full of booze.

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