Handmaid's Tale

May the Lord open…the links on this page! Amirite or amirite? Okay, look, it's not easy to make jokes about a show involving legalized and ritualistic rape. Especially writing from a post-Roe America. What is easy, though, is making fun of corporations missing the point, which hoo boy, wait til you see what this wine company's promotional Handmaid's Tale tie-in ad copy was. We're just going to assume, for sanity's sake, that whomever wrote that campaign had never seen the show. Not that they saw the show and that “idk man, Gilead's got some points, gotta see both sides, here's some wine.”

One fun thing about The Handmaid's Tale being a hit show is seeing already-established writer Margaret Atwood get some late-career shine. Atwood has an appropriately terrifying cameo in the show, and even snuck a love letter into her novel about how love has been outlawed and families are ripped apart. There, we managed to end on a sort of happy note. 


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