Costume design in Hollywood is such a big deal it has its own Oscar category. And with good reason! Even the most mundane outfits are stitched seam-to-seam with truly impressive details. And if you look close enough, the costumes in a movie or show tell as much of a story as the script does. 

Maybe fewer dance numbers during the telecast, Academy, and more screentime explaining why the costume design contenders are so worthy rather then the 45 seconds you currently dole out.

What would any of the Marvel movies be without the killer costumes? It seems like Captain America's changed 37 times before he vanished and came back old or whatever. Similarly, however Game Of Thrones ended, it did have an undisputed run near the top of the costume game. None of that happened by accident, of course.

This contest was suggested by Amomaxia, whose orange parachute pants are embroidered with scenes from his entire life story.

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKEDo COM In-universe, Bane's costume is made from scavenged military items. THE DA'RK KNIGHT RISES His padded vest is made up of stuff like surplu

Entry by Scott Laffey

In Get Out, Walter wears an actual pair of running shoes from 1936... because Rose's grandfather never got over losing to Jesse Owens in that year's O

Entry by Andrea Meno

The Last Jedi costume designer Michael Kaplan designed the Red Guard to look like 1970s muscle cars. CRACKED COM

Entry by Sagar Parikh

CRACKED.COM MATRIX The sunglasses characters wear in The Matrix aren't just for style. They hide the eyes of the peop le who can see the reality of th

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

GLADIATO It was Russell Crowe's idea to have each decoration on Maximus' breastplate represent of his one vietorles in battle. CRACKED.COM

Entry by Sagar Parikh

GRAGKEDOD CON THE WALKING DEAD Beta's costume in The Walking Dead references several other characters. The coat is a nod to Paul Jesus' Rovia, the re

Entry by PParker

In The Lord of the L Rings, Boromir wears unique bracers with the symbol of Gondor's White Tree. After Boromir dies, Aragorn takes his bracers, wears

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