20 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About 'The Handmaid's Tale' (Because Season 5 is Coming!)

20 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About 'The Handmaid's Tale' (Because Season 5 is Coming!)

We’re really excited about Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale getting closer and closer, mainly because it is noise that drowns out The Bad Thoughts. But another major reason for our excitement is that it’s smart noise, so the thought, “why are you wasting your time with this trash?” never even occurs to us. Now, the thought “yeah, no, a theocratic fascist America would be super racist” does pop in our head, and a lot, but perhaps The Handmaid’s Tale is already depressing enough for that level of realness, so we can just ignore it. You know, suspension of disbelief and stuff.

What we’re trying to say is that The Handmaid’s Tale is a brilliant, complex, and beautiful drama. Besides some awkward girls-get-it-done scenes of fierce strutting and empowering pop music here and there (and, well, awful merch), the show has mostly hit the spot in terms of suspense, action, great character work, elegantly-written dialogue, and the mature, nuanced storytelling its concept deserves. It’s an achievement in every sense, the sort of high quality TV that our inner 15-year-old sci-fi readers could only dream about seeing (at a time we definitely didn’t have the depth to get the novel’s actual ideas). Thus, having already discussed some awesome facts about the Hulu show, we now add some lesser known facts about The Handmaid’s Tale: the show, its performers, its production, and its literary inspiration.

Cold War

The Handmaid's Tale The book is a product of the Cold War. Atwood wrote the novel in Berlin, close to the infamous Wall, and was influenced by the oppressive atmosphere she felt while visiting countries behind the Iron Curtain. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBC

Pandemic Delay

The Handmaid's Tale The COVID-19 pandemic delayed Season 4. The season was supposed to come out in 2020, but it premiered in 2021 because we're living in our own imagination-defying dystopia (which is definitely not critically acclaimed). CRACKED.COM

Source: Deadline

The Show's Music

The Handmaid's Tale Elisabeth Moss contributes to the music. While Moss doesn't give composer Adam Taylor any suggestions, she does write him long emails about her character's thoughts and feelings in certain scenes, which Taylor uses as reference for his work. CRACKED.COM

Source: Insider

Aunt Lydia Spin-Off

The Handmaid's Tale A spin-off focusing on Aunt Lydia is coming. The new show, set 15 years after The Handmaid's Tale, began filming in 2019 (even before Atwood's sequel novel came out). Ann Dowd was so eager to do it that she said she'd hunt any other actress chosen for the part (which is just classic Aunt Lydia). CRACKED.COM

Source: Decider

Alexis Bledel

CRACKED.COM The Handmaid's Tale Alexis Bledel is not returning. Bledel's character Emily was introduced in Season 1, became a regular from Season 2 onwards, and netted her an Emmy nomination. However, she won't be returning for Season 5.

Source: Variety


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